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Putting the patient first at WoCoVA 2018

Novarix attended the WoCoVA 2018 (World Congress on Vascular Access) in Copenhagen in June where there was a noticeable increased Global presence at this Bi-annual meeting. The theme of the meeting was looking at “how to put the patient first” and “how to improve the patient experience”.

On the first day there were lots of presentations that mentioned the use of NIR technology for the assessment of vessels to help ensure the best device selection and placement position remembering the “smallest catheter size for the treatment needed” mantra.

Education was seen as the key to change existing practice and the “5 rights” (Right Training, Right Vein, Right Insertion technique, Right IV Supplies & Technology and Right Care & Assessment) are sure to become a talking point in the future, along with the Pan-European guidelines on vascular access due to be published in Q4 of this year.

The abstracts and webcast of WoCoVA 2018 are available here.