Novarix renew NIVAS membership

Novarix renew NIVAS membership for 2nd year in a row

Novarix are proud to be members of the UK National Infusion and Vascular Access Society (NIVAS) for the second year in a row, demonstrating our shared commitment to promoting excellence in the field, and thereby improving patient care.

Within this field of expertise, there are many patients with veins that are difficult to find or see and it’s in situations like these where the most experienced IV specialist may have to make a repeat attempt at venepuncture or cannulation.

NIVAS, along with the Infection Prevention Society and Royal College of Nursing are promoting Vessel Health and Preservation in the UK, which recommends the use of infrared technology to assist in situations where vein quality is less than good (1 or 2 veins or no visible/palpable veins available).

The UK Vessel Health Framework is designed to support healthcare professionals in undertaking vessel assessment… Preservation of vessels is required to minimise damage (thrombosis, stenosis and infection) and maintain the patency of veins for good venous access for future treatments and to minimise patient suffering… Such actions have the potential to save significant staff and equipment costs.”

The IV-eye® is a small, portable and easy to use device which is designed to aid clinical professionals in confidently and expertly locating and assessing peripheral veins for venepuncture and cannulation with near infrared visualisation technology, which may ultimately improve patient outcomes.

“It is invaluable to have the involvement of NIVAS corporate members, particularly in our conference and study days where we can showcase the very latest in innovations in IV therapy and vascular access for our members and delegates. Many of our individual members would not have been able to attend our conference/study days without the support of our corporate members and this investment in professional development is a hugely important factor in the promotion of our speciality.” Jackie Nicholson – NIVAS Chair

Click here for more information about the IV-eye.