Vein visualisation - Andrew Barton - Frimley Park - IV-eye

Frimley Park Hospital demonstrate their commitment to vein visualisation

Andrew Barton, Advanced Nurse Practitioner – Vascular Access & IV Therapy, along with other members of the Haematology, Cardiovascular and Oncology departments at Frimley Park Hospital, UK, have demonstrated their commitment to vein visualisation, by agreeing to document their use of the IV-eye near infrared vein finder on camera.

This follows Andrew’s recent study into The use of Vein Location Technology in Improving Outcomes in Peripheral Vascular Access. The IV-eye was able to locate veins on 95% of the patients included in the study, with 52% of those patients known to have difficult to access vessels. The study concluded that the use of vein visualisation technology has the potential to improve clinical outcomes in peripheral vascular access practice.

Comments from members of the team at Frimley Park regarding their clinical use of the IV-eye included “improved vein visualisation”, “fewer attempts needed” and “better patient outcomes”.

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The first video is available to watch now.